Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Night Owl T-Shirt Quilt

T-shirt quilts are made using your favorite old t-shirts, and since they hold an amazing amount of sentimental value to the quilt’s owner, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before diving in. At Night Owl, each design is totally unique to the t-shirt quilt owner, and your t-shirt quilt’s pattern is inspired by the graphics and designs on the t-shirts you send in. Our goal is to ensure that your t-shirt quilt reminds you of all your favorite memories while keeping you nice and cozy!

Whether you’re considering gifting a t-shirt quilt or having one made for yourself, here are the top 3 questions to consider:

  1. What size quilt should I get? This is the best place to start when considering a t-shirt quilt! The size of your t-shirt quilt will depend on what you’re looking to use it for. Our smallest size is the Lap Quilt, which makes for the perfect addition to any nursery! Our largest standard size is a King, which fits an average king size bed. Check out our full list of sizes by clicking here.

  2. How many t-shirts can I use? Once you’ve narrowed down what size quilt you’re looking for, the fun begins! The good news is that you can use as many t-shirts as you want, and you can choose which graphics and designs you would like to include in your t-shirt quilt. At Night Owl, we work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for in your t-shirt quilt. To learn more about how to choose your t-shirts, click here.

  3. How long will it take to get my quilt? Our quilt artists will need three to four weeks to craft your one-of-a-kind t-shirt quilt. After your quilt is complete, we attach a removable Night Owl Journal and carefully package your quilt to be sent straight to your front door. The Night Owl Journal is an integral piece of each Night Owl T-Shirt Quilt, attached with a loop sewn into its binding. Your Night Owl Journal is easily removed while you’re cuddling or when on display and can be reattached for safekeeping when not in use. Learn more about Night Owl Journals by clicking here.

Now that you’ve answered these three questions, you are ready to start your very own t-shirt quilt for yourself or to give as a meaningful gift! If you’re ready to start yours today, click here to learn more about how to order your Night Owl T-Shirt Quilt. If you have any more questions or would like to discuss your t-shirt quilt, feel free to send us an email at