1. How many t-shirts do I need to make a quilt?

We customize our quilts to fit your needs! You can use as many or as few shirts as you’ve collected over the years. Check out this chart to find out how many shirts it typically takes to make your desired quilt size.

2. How long will it take to make my quilt?

Due to the handmade nature of our quilts, our average production time is four weeks for a Night Owl T-Shirt Quilt. Our busy season is during the winter holidays and graduation season. During these times, it can take longer. As they say, you can’t rush quality! With that said, we do offer expedited services when possible. Please contact us to discuss your project if you need it by a specific time.

3. Can I use other types of fabric/clothing in my quilt?

We understand that anything can hold sentimental value. You are welcome to send us almost any type of fabric. Send us whatever you’d like included with the rest of your t-shirts, and if we can’t use it, we will contact you.

Night Owl T-Shirt Quilts have featured: sweatshirts, bathing suits, ties, jeans, sports jerseys, shorts, headbands, socks, costumes, baby blankets, sports coats, jackets, and more!

4. I accidentally cut my shirts before reading not to – help!

Don’t worry – we can work with shirts that have been cut! While we do prefer to cut them ourselves, we have some magical owl methods of making sure your pre-cut shirts will fit perfectly in your quilt.

5. What fabrics and colors can I use on the back of my quilt?

We use 100% premium Kona cotton on every Night Owl T-Shirt Quilt. We recommend choosing a solid color, so your memories are the highlight of your quilt – but your wish is our command! We can customize your quilt in any color you can imagine.