Top 5 T-Shirt Quilt Gift Ideas

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is not to take life’s little moments for granted, and after the year that we have all had, it’s time for some celebration! The holiday season will be here before you know it, and Night Owl has been busier than ever in the last few months. With all of the free time that quarantine has created, people are cleaning out their closets more than ever. All of those memories that have been hiding out in your drawers and closets are finally coming back out and being given a new life! Night Owl has increased our staff and has been working as quickly as possible to get those memories back into the hands of our customers.

This year has been difficult, and we have all been faced with challenges that we didn’t see coming. The joy that comes with seeing all of your memories come alive in a t-shirt quilt reminds us that we can get through this, and once this is all behind us, there’s plenty of time to keep making those memories with those we love! This holiday season, giving meaningful and heartfelt gifts will be more important than ever before. Every t-shirt has a story, and preserving those memories into a t-shirt quilt is the best way to enjoy and remember all of those happy moments. Your friends and family will love snuggling up with their fond memories!

Top 5 T-Shirt Quilt Gift Ideas

  1. Athletic T-Shirt Quilts: Showcase those old jerseys, championship shirts, and team tees all in one quilt! The athletes in your life will reminisce on all the great times they had with teammates and coaches every time they cuddle up with their t-shirt quilt no matter where their journey takes them.

  2. Baby & Toddler T-Shirt Quilts: Every parent has a hard time letting go of all of those absolutely adorable onesies and outfits that they watched their babies grow out of way too fast. Preserve those sweet memories for the parents in your life!

  3. Sorority & Fraternity T-Shirt Quilts: Don’t let all of those sorority and fraternity t-shirts be forgotten! Greek life has a huge impact on college students’ lives, and many of those memories come with t-shirts. Whether they are greek letters, rush weeks, bid days, or event tees, the best way to keep those memories fresh is by preserving them in a t-shirt quilt that will last a lifetime!

  4. High School T-Shirt Quilts: There are an endless amount of memories that come from high school – whether they’re from camps, clubs, teams, or anything in between, your high schoolers have built up a lifetime of memories with their t-shirts alone! No matter where they go after graduation, they will love seeing their memories live on.

  5. Custom T-Shirt Quilts: Whether your loved one is a concert lover, motorcyclist, world traveler, military member, firefighter, or fisherman, their t-shirts hold sentimental memories that they don’t want to forget. Let us preserve those memories into a t-shirt quilt that is practical, creative, and comfortable so they can keep their memories at the forefront!

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